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Winning listings with Proply’s ‘Contemporary’ proposal template

by Proply

We all know the visual appeal of a presentation makes a powerful first impression. And just how every vendor isn’t the same, not every proposal should be a copy and paste job. Customising and personalising proposals for your vendors – in terms of content and style – allows you to communicate more effectively, earn a vendor’s trust and ultimately win more listings.

In 2018, the rusty old binder no longer makes the cut.

Proply offers six unique proposal themes, each with its own distinctive design and layout, to help you impress your vendors. One of our most popular templates is the ‘Contemporary’ theme – a mix of sleek, stylish and clean-cut design that shows your vendor you’re ready for business.


The Contemporary Template


The Contemporary template begins with a personalised message and vendor details, leading into important property information with an auto-populated map. The personalised note allows you to make a strong first impression, and the seamless design of the Contemporary theme sticks in the memories of your vendors, helping you distinguish yourself from your competitors.



You can include notable previous sales alongside detailed case studies to reassure vendors and showcase your successes. With Contemporary, you can build and display your portfolio in a variety of ways, and add in as much or as little detail as you wish. It’s no secret that the visual impact of photos resonates well with vendors, so make sure to add a good landscape shot or two.



Next, you have a breakdown of the property’s analysis, sales strategy and timeline, commission structure, indicative sales price and additional sections to include optional text, video links and photos. As you can see, the clean and slick appeal of the Contemporary template reduces any ‘information overload’ for vendors by presenting information in a clear and logical presentation that helps them understand every detail of your proposal.



As with all our proposal templates, you can add as many additional sections as you’d like for that final persuasive push to convince your vendors.

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