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20 ways to win more business in 2020

by Proply

20 ways to win more business in 2020 | Proply

Did you start 2020 with towering goals and halcyon dreams of success?

Right about this time of year is when reality starts to sink in and those New Year’s resolutions fall the wayside. But don’t worry – you can still make 2020 your best business year ever. Here are 20 ways to win more business in 2020 – just take it one step at a time!

1. Go digital (but do it right) 

Globally companies are making the leap to digital transformation (and the benefits aren’t just saving on paper costs). While it’s SO worthwhile, there are some teething issues to watch out for – know how to overcome them for a seamless switch.

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2. Get a makeover

No, not you (we’re sure you look great!). However, your client-facing communications should look their best if you want to entice and engage them to do business with you. If that sounds like a lot of work, Proply has six stunning templates ready for you to use.

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3. Map the customer journey 

This is the year to really get strategic. Design a clear customer journey that takes potential clients from first interaction to conversion. Your proposals can – and should – follow this formula.

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4. Don’t waste time 

Work smarter, not harder. With digital proposal software, you can shave hours off your workload creating proposals. Leaving you to do more things that matter, like building relationships and strategy.

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5. Don’t waste money

Are you forking out for freelancers or specialists? While nothing can replace the expertise of a knowledgeable professional, digital tools can help shoulder a chunk of the workload.

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6. Generate more leads

Easier said than done, you say! The old ways of lead generation (cold calls and junk mail) aren’t delivering like they used to, so it’s time to explore effective options like social media, targeting and brand identity.

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7. Know what makes your vendor tick 

Creating proposals isn’t the hard part (especially with apps dedicated to doing just that). It’s getting clients to accept. Luckily, we know from experience what makes people accept business proposals…

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8. Be persuasive

What is sales if not very good persuasion? Rhetorical techniques have been used to advantage for more than 2,000 years – time to read up and start applying them to your business.

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9. Unlock the power of stats

Numbers talk. That’s why the Proply dashboard helps you keep track of trends and target leads with sophisticated data tracking. Make 2020 the year you wow yourself – and your clients – by refining your strategy with statistic-based research.

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10. Improve your writing skills

Anyone can write with the right techniques (and a little confidence!). Check out the guide below for seven writing tips that are straight from the copywriter’s mouth.

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11. Introduce automation

Automation isn’t an industry buzzword. Introducing automation can really help you lighten your workload to focus on other important things that need a human touch (because the robots aren’t taking over just yet).

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12. Delegate responsibilities

We’re all guilty of thinking, if you want it done right, do it yourself. But for a happy business that’s efficient, you shouldn’t be afraid to delegate. Many hands make light work!

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13. Enhance emails

Did you know around 85% of marketing emails are left unread? Just a few strategies can help your emails stand out in an inbox.

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14. Stick the first impression

It’s tough to bounce back from a bad first impression, so make sure you never make these common mistakes!

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15. Take advantage of integrations

Many apps are integrated with world-class software (for example, Proply is powered by Domain PriceFinder, Google and Facebook to name a few). Streamline your business and bring all the features you like to one place.

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16. Send a gentle reminder 

Hard sell marketing techniques are on the outs. But remarketing tools, which are far less obtrusive, can increase conversions by 70 per cent!

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17. Learn from the experts

Read widely and take opinions from different sources. Not every piece of advice will be useful for your business goals, but you might just find some gems.

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18. Speed up acceptance

Nothing is worse than when a vendor is ready to accept… and then the conversion process is too slow or complicated. If you resolve to do anything this year, give your proposals an instant accept button!

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19. Master the art of the follow-up

Waiting for a client to get back to you is arduous. Make use of that time waiting on clients by looking at these methods to re-engage inactive customers – and factoring them into your plans.

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20. Turn losses into wins

Let’s face it – some things won’t go our way in 2020. It’s also a great opportunity to step back, take stock and improve your strategy for the win.

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