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Why Proply is so much more than a Powerpoint or PDF

by Proply

For the digitally savvy, there’s plenty you can do with good old-fashioned tools like Powerpoint or Adobe PDF to win over clients.

So, if you’re on this website, you might be wondering just what exactly makes a Proply proposal so much more effective than traditional tech? That’s an excellent question. Without further ado, here’s a list of some of the exclusive features you can only get with Proply, the world’s first web-based real estate proposal app.

Have a look at a sample Proply proposal here.

Full digital integration

A Proply proposal not only looks great, but it is also integrated with Domain’s Pricefinder data product. That means it will automatically be populated with property data and recent sales data (which you can filter and edit, of course). You can even search for a specific address to find a comparable sale with Proply. This integration is available to ALL Proply users and you don’t need a Pricefinder account to access this information. Neat!

Real-time notifications + analytics

Chances are your traditional documents don’t come with real-time analytics on how many people have viewed or engaged with them. Proply proposals do! You’ll even have instant notifications whenever a vendor opens or accepts a Proply proposal, so you can spring right into action (without waiting for an email or the phone to ring).

Easy-to-use templates

We all need more time, right? Proply proposals come in six stylish and customisable themes, so that you can create a great-looking proposal in literally minutes. Plus, you have the ability to duplicate and even create a template from your proposals and case studies. No more starting from scratch.

Social remarketing ads

We know clients can sometimes just forget your proposal (hey, life gets in the way). Wouldn’t it be nice if they were to get a little nudge? With the Proply Enterprise plan, we use social media remarketing to gently remind them of what they’re missing out on.

Fast-tracked online acceptance

This is possibly the most exciting feature for real estate agents and one you certainly won’t find elsewhere. With Proply, clients can accept a proposal instantly with our online Accept button. No need for any clunky paperwork and last-minute phone calls to get the ball rolling.

Discover Proply for yourself

We find that once you start with Proply, it’s pretty hard to go back to traditional tech. And with proposals accessible from any online device, you may find that your clients feel the exact same way.

Plus, it’s completely FREE to get started, with no credit card required (and no strings attached). Have a look for yourself at what you can do with a Proply proposal – the possibilities are truly limitless.

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