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Why optimism helps you survive – and thrive – in business

by Proply

It seems like almost every day there’s something going wrong in the news, right?

Optimism can take a hit when business – and the world at large – is faced with so much uncertainty. Some would even argue that it’s a good business decision to remain cynical and protected from any hopeful but high-risk ventures. So, is it really unrealistic to see the future in a positive light – and is there a place for optimism in 2020?

Optimists don’t give up

Optimism in business isn’t being happy-clappy and wearing rose-tinted glasses all the time, because that would be reckless. It’s facing each situation with practical positivity. It means that even when the going gets tough, you are working towards evidence-based positive outcomes and staying open to future possibilities. Business optimists know that downward trends are only trends, and they are the ones who are still around to take advantage when luck starts to turn around.

Optimists make hard workers

If you’re stuck in a mindset that your business is going to fail, of course your motivation won’t be as high as it could be. Try to work on your optimism, but make sure you strike the balance right. While unrealistic optimists simply believe good things will happen to them, realistic optimists know they have to work hard to get good results. They see what is possible for their business and strive to add more value.

Optimists are growth-minded

All people have either “fixed” or “growth” mindsets. If you’re fixed, you believe your value – and therefore your business – cannot be changed or improved upon. Optimists have growth mindsets, meaning they push themselves to learn new skills, embrace challenges and get creative. This attitude is a boon for business, and also will generally help you become a happier, fulfilled person.

Do you see yourself as a business optimist?
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