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Why Facebook remarketing is an important tool for conversions

by Proply

 facebook remarketing

Social media may not be the first tool you think of when it comes to locking down a real estate proposal.

But we think that social media, particularly Facebook, has endless potential to increase conversions over time. As we’ve built Proply, we have added more social media integration, such as a Social Sharing tool (available on the Elite membership plan).

But one of the features we find most exciting is Facebook remarketing on the Enterprise membership plan. Facebook remarketing runs ads targeted at past visitors to your proposal. If they have left without making a conversion, this unobtrusive Facebook ad gives them a gentle reminder of what they could be missing.

Here is why Facebook remarketing is such a powerful feature:

The stats speak for themselves

According to LeadSquared:

  • CTR (click-through rate) for display ads is 0.07% while for remarketing it is 0.7% (10x higher)
  • People are 70% more likely to convert through retargeting ads
  • With remarketing 26% of shoppers (or clients in our case) return compared to 8% without remarketing

Maximise opportunity for engagement

The average user spends 41 minutes per day on Facebook. That might not sound like a lot of time, but this is spread out over the day – when you first wake up, during lunchtime, a sneaky peek at work, on the bus home and so on.

That equals plenty of time and opportunity to engage with a Facebook advertisement. And, because of the set-up of Facebook’s algorithm, paid advertising is more likely to show up in a feed than regular posts from a business page.

Remarketing targets people who are already interested

The most annoying Facebook ads are for a product or service you have zero interest in, right? That’s because although Facebook targeting is fairly sophisticated, it is still using guesswork to reach people who tick certain demographic boxes.

The people you remarket to are already interested in your proposal, so they are far more likely to convert than your average online audience. You never know, perhaps they have simply forgotten all about it – and this is just the nudge they need!

Track key performance metrics

Want to know why that ad did – or didn’t – work? Facebook is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of data, and by using tracking technology, we can also see key information about results, conversions, demographics and more. With this, your approach to creating and promoting a proposal can be even more sophisticated (and successful over time).

Increase your conversions today

With our top-tier Enterprise membership, Facebook remarketing is automatically included in the plan. Plus, you also get access to unlimited proposals, Priority Help Desk, Phone Support and much more.

Want to take Proply for a spin first? Our FREE membership will give you a taste of creating your own easy, stylish proposal, with real-time notifications, analytics and Pricefinder integration. You don’t even need a credit card to get started.

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