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What’s the big deal with Proply and PRDnationwide?

by Proply


Oh boy, are we stoked about this! We’re excited to be announcing that we have signed a deal with PRDnationwide.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that PRDnationwide is one of Australia’s leading real estate agency networks and one of the few real estate agency brands to have three offices in the top 15 of REB rankings. This partnership means that PRDnationwide agencies will be using Proply’s online proposal platform across their entire network. They’ll be rolling out throughout 2019.

… Did we mention we’re excited?


So, how did this deal come about?

Being at the top of the real estate industry doesn’t mean you can just sit back and relax. If anything, it means you need to work twice as hard to maintain your competitive edge and assert your position as a market leader.

PRDnationwide recognised this and made it a top priority to set themselves apart from other brands through exceptional customer experience and digital innovation.

You can probably tell where we come in (after all, we’re all about standing out).

As PRDnationwide’s National Marketing Manager, Suzie Wing says, “PRDnationwide continues its focus on digital, and we saw an opportunity to provide a seamless and easy to use solution for our national network to Sell Smarter, with Proply.”


What’s included in this deal?

On top of Proply’s full suite of features, PRDnationwide will benefit from brand integration and on-demand support as our partner. They will be the first Australian national real estate agency group to take advantage of this full customisation.

Wing continues, “Proply provides a fantastic fit in our overall client service, from start to finish the clients’ experience is best in class.”

Geoff Lews, Founder and CEO of Proply adds, “We are so pleased to be working with PRDnationwide as they continue to invest in digital technologies and elevate the customer experience. We are excited to see how rolling out the Proply technology across the PRDnationwide network will evolve how their sales agents, property managers and agencies interact with vendors and landlords.”


Join the pack

Need some catching up on the digital innovation front? Don’t worry; Proply works for agencies of all sizes. Give it a try today! It’s easy and free to get started on a 30-day trial (no credit cards required).

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