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Three practical steps to advertise on Facebook

by Geoff Lewis

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that when it comes to social platforms, on a personal level I’m notably absent. However, for business, I love digital and to quote Gary Vaynerchuk the reason I love it is because “it sells stuff”. Vaynerchuk refers to the mobile phone as the “remote control for life” and quite literally if your product or service is not on your customers’ mobile then you risk irrelevance.

With this in mind, there is a massive opportunity for the Real Estate industry in this space. Follow any of the top trainers, subscribe to any industry publication or attend any conference and you will know that this is not breaking news. However, I wanted to share three really practical ideas to advertise on Facebook, that you are probably not doing.

1. Target ads to your existing database

It is widely understood that the success of a business lies in its database. If you are not leveraging your existing contacts on the World’s largest social platform you are missing out on innumerable opportunities. With “Custom Audiences” Facebook enables you to upload a list of all your contacts and they will match your data with theirs, locating these same people on their network. Once you create your Custom Audience, your information will be encrypted to protect customer relationships and you’ll be able to target Facebook ads directly into their Newsfeeds. If you want to expand this list, you can even create a “Lookalike Audience”. Here, Facebook will identify the common qualities of the people in your list like demographic information or interests. Then, will find people who are similar to, or “look like” them.

2. Target ads to potential vendors

Audience targeting allows you to reach new people based on a set of parameters, that you design. For a potential vendor audience, I would recommend creating an ad campaign around your past successes. Proply’s Case Study module could be a great place to start. Let’s say you want to increase listings in a particular suburb, first, create a Facebook Audience based on this Location, then target people who are homeowners with the right socioeconomic profile (yep, Facebook knows how much you earn). You can target based on behaviours and you can even target people who are “likely to move”.

3. Target ads to potential buyers

Not dissimilar to targeting vendors, you can create lists of potential buyers for your listings. Again, I would recommend targeting based on demographics, interests and behaviours, however, here you should broaden the geographic location to where you think your buyers are likely to reside now. With this ad-set, your creative should be around a specific property or properties that you have currently listed. If you have created a microsite for your listings, like with Proply’s social sharing function, you can direct your audience there to “learn more”. Once they’re on your site, you also have the ability to re-target them with Proply’s Google Tag Manager feature and serve these prospects more direct ads to “get in touch”, now that you know they have expressed interest.

Facebook now has 2 billion global users logging on monthly. With 16 million active Australians, that’s two out of three people in our country… or as I see it, 16 million reasons to advertise on the platform.

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