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The what, why’s and how’s of digital transformation

by Proply

Digital transformation… it’s just a fancy buzzword floating around tech forums and boardroom meetings, right? Well, as it turn out, companies globally – both big and small – are making the leap. It’s transcending industries, impacting businesses across everything from banking to retail. And, with the rise of Proptech (property technology), you can bet it’s coming to real estate too.


What is it and why should I care?

Digital transformation, put simply, is about integrating digital technology into your business in a way that fundamentally reshapes how things run – for the better. So you can probably guess why people are a bit wary when the word comes up… nobody likes change.

But when consumer habits and preferences are rapidly evolving with technology advancements, traditional businesses are starting to feel the heat of shifting markets. Real estate, for example, is facing a lot of uncertainty right now. People may not like change, but the risk of irrelevance is becoming all too real (who remembers Blockbuster?).

Digital transformation won’t just make things more efficient, but it can also improve your customer experience, boost your credibility, and appeal to top talent.  


How to transform successfully?

We’re going to be honest – digital transformation can (and usually is) quite messy and disruptive. By definition, changing processes that have been around for years or maybe even decades will result in some growing pains. Here are our tips on how to make the switch as seamless and rewarding as possible:


All or nothing

In order for the company to change, your mindset has to shift first. The leadership team, in particular, needs to be all on board with an open mind and the common goal of digitally transforming for the better.


Where does it hurt?

We can’t blame you if you’re feeling overwhelmed. There’s a tonne of information and tools out there, so where do you start? Digital transformation is all about correcting and enhancing your business, so begin by identifying the pain points of your company. Where are you struggling? What’s taking up too much time? What’s a burden? Once you’ve got that, seek out solutions.


Onboard your team

Digital transformation will impact every part of your business, so it’s necessary to involve your team from the get-go. As you progress, get feedback from employees and provide training where needed.


Get support

You’ll most likely face a downpour of tech jargon, so keep your head above water by reaching out to the experts. As you test new technology, don’t be afraid of asking questions to ensure you’ve found the right fit. Proply, for example, has an online support desk for enquiries, plus phone support for Enterprise users.


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