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Reflecting back on September with our monthly wrap-up.

by Proply

September was a super exciting month for Proply! You may have noticed some changes to our aesthetic on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, and that there are a few extra features for you to make use of. We’ve taken some time to reflect on the last month (ah, see what we did there: relevance of the image!). So, here’s our September wrap-up!

The gist of it:

  • Rental Proposals: They’re here! On September 3rd we launched our Rental Proposals function. Now ALL real estate agents can benefit from simple, fast and beautiful proposals.
  • Modern vs Classic: We gave you some Pro(ply) Tips by comparing two of our six beautiful themes – keep an eye out next month for the series where we size up the other templates against each other.
  • Sneaky Inclusions: Like Prop-tech ninja’s we snuck features into Proply – and we wrote a ninja-like, kick-ass blog to get you guys up to speed.

Scroll down to get the low down on the points above…

Rental Proposals are here!

The low down: At the start of the month we made a few little changes to our platform… okay, so we’ve been working on these ‘little’ changes for months on end behind the scenes. But, this month we finally launched our Rental Proposals capability! There was such a groundswell of requests for this feature that we had to deliver it. And have been tickled ‘Proply blue’ with all the positive feedback! In case you didn’t hear, this feature is available to use for FREE in Proply right now. There’s no extra monthly cost or upgrade necessary, it’s simply there for you to use whenever you’re ready to try it out. If you haven’t signed up for Proply just yet, you can give our Rental Proposals a spin right now. Let us know what you think! Good (fingers crossed) or bad, we’d love to hear your feedback!

Modern vs Classic

The low down: Did you know we have six beautiful themes to choose from, each with their own aesthetic appeal. Switch between them based on what you think your client will best respond to. This week on the blog we compared the Classic vs Modern and gave some Pro(ply) Tips on how to make the most out of each. Modern is sleek and minimal highlighting imagery and case studies, while we suggest using the Classic for those more ‘old school’ clients, or for a property in a stellar location. Classic puts property location front and centre. But you don’t need to follow our lead, it’s easy to get creative with the templates too. Some of you guys are using the template sections to create super unique looks, and we love seeing it! Check out the blog post to get some more handy hints.

Sneaky Inclusions

The low down: We don’t like to toot our own horn, but last week we took some time to run you through some of the features which we’ve snuck into Proply. You may not even have realised they were available to you. Here’s the rundown:

  • No startup fees – nix, nada, zero! Meaning you can get straight to the important stuff.
  • Try it out without handing over credit card details – we get frustrated when we want to try something but its made painful by handing over personal information. It dampens the whole experience, and we don’t want to rain on your parade. So, we’ve said no to credit card details from day dot.
  • Real-Time Notifications – know as soon as your client has opened your proposal so you can time your call. No more guesswork.
  • And lastly, Proply is a turn-key solution:

adjective: turn-key [turn-kee]

  1. Of or involving the provision of a complete product or service that is ready for immediate use.
  2. Fully equipped; ready to go into operation.

Turn that key!


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