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The Australian property market is uncertain, but Proply can help

by Proply

Real estate agents and homeowners alike will be aware of the troubling uncertainty facing the Australian property market.

Prices are falling – the average capital city house price is down 7%, with April marking the 17th consecutive month of this downward trend. Sydney housing, in particular, has dropped 14% from its peak price. And experts say there are no signs of the slump slowing down soon.

That’s not great news if you want to sell a house. For real estate agents, they will have a harder time winning over clients when there is so much up in the air: How much will my home sell for? What is the demand in my area? Could I lose money?

But instead of getting bogged down in negative house price forecasts, there are things you can do to increase consumer confidence. Here’s how Proply can help you sell that house.

Work faster, not harder

With Proply online proposals, it’s quicker than ever to create and send a real estate proposal. This means you can potentially reach more clients in less time, putting the odds of winning listings in your favour.

“Now I can prepare a proposal before I even go see the potential sellers,” says Perth real estate agent Adam Whitford. “And then I can get back and I can either jump on the laptop in the car, or I can swing back to the office and I can fine tune the details around price and other sales information if I need to.”

The Proply app comes with six stunning proposal designs which you can easily customise and save as your own template. You can also save your own case studies in the platform, ready to insert into any proposal at just the click of a button.

Safety in numbers

It’s a fact: people are more responsive to figures. All Proply memberships including the free trial are integrated with Domain Pricefinder’s premium data product. Now you can instantly populate your proposal with the most up-to-date sales data and even search for a specific address to find a comparable sale within Proply.

View a sample proposal here

Squad goals

Divide and conquer – Proply allows you to add unlimited assistants to your dashboard so you can keep track of your workflow. Now you don’t have to call a meeting every time you need an update because the information is right there in front of you.

“Everything has gone from having conversations in a boardroom, being on the phone, to ‘just send me something’. Proply’s helped us in that sense, we’re now ready and prepared to just send a proposal off quickly, and it looks great and professional,” says Kate Trickey, Client Services Manager at Caine Real Estate.


On target

Proply offers something you won’t get with a traditional proposal – real-time dashboard analytics on how people engage with your proposal. This way, you can collect more data on your target audience, continuously refining your strategy. Another thing you can only do with an online proposal – with the Enterprise membership plan, you can serve ads specifically to users who have already visited your proposal but not converted. It all adds up to better business for you.

Get ahead of the property market today

Proply is free to try – you don’t even need a credit card to sign up. If you’d like to know more about Proply real estate proposals, please drop us a line at info@

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