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3 experts… or 1 smart proposal

by Proply

3 experts… or 1 smart proposal | Proply

In a time when everything is flashy and at your fingertips, how do you impress potential clients? 

These days a plain PDF isn’t going to cut it. Vendors expect proposals to be delivered the same way they consume all their information – interactive, instant and aesthetically beautiful.

Of course, this poses some issues for those who make proposals. You’re already expected to wear so many hats, but you’d need a team of experts to make the proposal of your clients’ dreams. And that’s not exactly cost-effective.

Enter the smart proposal. With Proply, you and your vendor benefit from tools you’d otherwise need an expert to provide. It’s easy and effective – here’s how.

Graphic designer

You don’t have time to create a beautiful-looking proposal from scratch every time. With six easily customisable templates, you can now plug in your data and create a sleek proposal in seconds. The responsive design includes placeholders for text, feature photographs, previous sales, strategy timelines and an interactive map. With a clean and elegant aesthetic, Proply proposals are both professional and eye-catching.

Have a look at a sample Proply proposal here.

Social media expert

Want to use the power of social media to get your proposal out there? You’ll either have to skill up or hire a social media expert to promote it. Or try the third option – a Proply Enterprise membership that gives you the option to serve Facebook remarketing ads. This tool runs unobtrusive ads to past visitors – it can increase your conversions tenfold! We think it basically pays for itself.

Personal assistant

You’re busy and don’t have time to continually check the status of your proposal. Luckily, smart proposals give you real-time notifications when vendors accept (through our handy online Accept button). Access your proposals, analytics and unlimited additional assistants from anywhere!

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