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Saving time and standing out to your vendors has never been easier with Proply

by Proply

For Andrew Anastassiou and Ali Godfrey from Home Estate Agents, saving time and standing out against their competitors are both essential to their business success. In an increasingly competitive real estate market, prioritising strong trusted personal relationships with vendors is a necessity to get ahead. And freeing time to focus on those areas is essential. That’s where Proply helps agents like Andrew and Ali, streamlining their vendor proposals workflow online with professionally presented digital proposals – delivered straight to the vendor’s inbox.

“It saves us time and makes us look apart from other agents”, says Andrew. That’s why they signed up to Proply.

Over the past few months, Andrew, Ali and their team have created over 20 winning vendor proposals with Proply, taking advantage of its full suite of professional proposal templates that showcase the highlight property in the best way possible to their potential vendors.

As for the vendors, well they love the way Proply is presented and the easy online interaction it facilitates. Andrew and Ali tell us of the feedback they’ve received from happy vendors after viewing and accepting proposals prepared for them.

“Worlds apart from every other agent”, said one happy vendor, “it was extremely professional and very user-friendly, I loved it! It definitely makes you feel like your brand is up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology”.

Andrew and Ali have three top tips to share from their Proply experience, especially useful for agents who’ve just signed up:

  1. You can view how many times the vendor has looked at your proposal – a very useful tool in preparing and timing your follow-up contact with the vendor.
  2. Include video content that showcases your agency and/or the feature property. 
  3. Make sure all your content is relevant to your proposal. To double check, preview the proposal in Proply before sending, or send a copy of the proposal to yourself first (just replace the vendor’s email address with yours).

And what’s Andrew and Ali’s favourite feature? The accept button of course!  

Find out how Proply can help you and your agency. Sign up for a free 30 day trial today.

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