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The client said no… now what?

by Proply

What to do after a rejected business proposal | Proply

It doesn’t matter if you’re asking your teenage crush to the school dance or making a lucrative business proposal: rejection hurts.

But don’t take it personally. If you’re facing a wall of ‘no’, take comfort in the fact that everybody gets rejected now and again. Instead, consider that rejected business proposal a great opportunity to step back, take stock and improve your proposal strategy. Here’s what to do when you have a rejected business proposal – and how to turn those losses into wins.

Listen to the client

Your first reaction to a rejected business proposal might be sadness, anger or a combo of the two. But it’s important to keep a level head and respectfully ask the client their reasons for rejection. Many clients are happy to oblige. This is an opportunity to listen to their concerns and see if you can edit your proposal to meet their needs. You may not be able to save the proposal, but the insights gathered will be invaluable to your next one.

Test (and change) your strategy

Whether or not you receive client feedback, you should review your business proposal strategy. Ask yourself: what are the reasons your client said no? And how can you improve? The following are common roadblocks to proposal acceptance:

  • The business proposal is unclear, or worse, riddled with errors
  • The presentation was sloppy or dated
  • Your lead (client) wasn’t validated
  • Your claims weren’t backed up with data
  • You didn’t include case studies or testimonials
  • You focused on yourself – and not the client

The good news is that many of these issues can be easily fixed. For beautiful digital proposals, why not test a free trial with Proply? Our user-friendly app features stunning templates which are compatible across all devices – and simple for your client to instantly receive and accept.

Have a look at a sample Proply proposal here.

Keep going

What separates the good business people from the rest is resilience. Lost business hurts – especially when you think of all the time you spent making that proposal! – but it’s also the only way you can grow. So give yourself time, be open to change and remember that you are just one step closer towards success.

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