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The art of the follow-up: how to re-engage existing clients

by Proply

How to re-engage inactive customers | Proply

Waiting for a client to get back to you can feel like time is slowly grinding to a halt.

Have they even opened your proposal? Are they reading it right now? Is it too early to re-engage inactive customers? When, if ever, will they accept?!

If this situation is familiar to you, this article could help. Let’s make use of the time waiting on clients by looking at these methods to re-engage inactive customers – and factoring them into your plans.

Track your clients’ moves online.

Okay, that sounded a bit more stalkerish than we intended! But online data is the most valuable resource if you want to refine and improve your strategy. For example, the Proply app will show when your proposal is opened by the vendor, compiled into an easy-to-read graph. Proply also syncs in real-time, making sure you’re always in the loop. As soon as your vendor accepts your proposal (via the online Accept button) you will be sent a notification – so you don’t have to waste any time closing the deal.

Win back leads with remarketing.

There’s always the risk that if you push your client too far, they’ll simply run in the opposite direction. Remarketing is the gentler approach for the modern age. It’s far less obtrusive (ads look like native Facebook posts) and targets people who have already engaged with your proposal. Facebook remarketing is an amazing tool for conversions – customers are 70% more likely to convert compared to other ads! Take advantage of our collective social media addiction with Facebook remarketing on the Proply Enterprise membership plan.

Rethink your proposal strategy.

Here’s the deal – often there’s no mystery reason why a proposal isn’t getting responses. The reality is that people are time-poor and tech-savvy, and need an approach that caters to these needs. No matter how well-written a proposal is, it could end up collecting dust in a bottom drawer. On the other hand, digital proposals are instant, vibrant and integrated with technologies that today’s consumer understands and appreciates. Our aim is to give you the tools to create proposals so beautiful and user-friendly that there is no need for a follow-up!

Is it time to switch it up?

If your proposals might need a refresh, Proply is perfect for you. With interactive designs powered by world-class technologies, your vendor can access and ACCEPT your proposals straight from their device. It’s free to get started – your first proposal is on us!

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