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Adam Whitford on productively winning clients with Proply

by Proply

“Time is probably the most valuable commodity”

How one Perth agent increased productivity and now has more time to reinvest in clients thanks to Proply

It’s no secret that Perth real estate agent Adam Whitford would much rather be spending his time working on the relationships with his clients face-to-face than in the office working on a proposal document.

“Something that I absolutely hate doing is proposals,” Whitford is quick to remark.

“I probably had a fair amount of leakage in my conversion rate because when you’re doing five, six, seven appraisals or whatever it is a week, often if it doesn’t get done that same day, it wasn’t getting done at all.”

The Harber Real Estate agent began using web-based proposal software Proply in late September 2017 and has already seen conversion rates increase by 20 to 30 percent – thanks to a number of factors.

Whitford explains that while his agency had proposal templates made up in the past, it was still left up to the agent to pull it all together – with each taking up to an hour – only to have it not be presented as well as a Proply proposal. He now spends just 15 minutes working on each proposal before it’s ready to be presented.

“Now I can prepare a proposal before I even go see the potential sellers. And then I can get back and I can either jump on the laptop in the car, or I can swing back to the office and I can fine tune the details around price and other sales information if I need to.

In a climate where people have got an expectation of ‘now’, if we’re not good enough to list it there and then, obviously we’ve got the ability to be first back in the door with some form of communication being the proposal.”

Whitford notes that for all real estate agents, time spent working with a client is a critical factor affecting the chance of winning the client over.

Which is exactly why Whitford appreciates the reduction in time spent on paperwork – which he estimates to previously being between 60 to 70 percent of his time. That time is now spent on “stuff that actually counts” – vendor meetings, inspections, talking to clients.

“Anything that we can do to sort of gives us more time with the client, rather than sitting back at the office, I think is a big plus.”

“We just need time to coach our clients and we don’t have that time. Realistically, we should be having one meeting with the clients a week. Every single market is blowing out… some of the areas that we’re working at the moment can be anywhere up to 109 days (on market).”

Whitford goes on to explain that, from the agency’s point of view, the Perth market has been through a fairly challenging time in the past four years – which means more care and consideration has to be taken with each client.

“Now, more than ever, we need to have the time to be able to take buyers in the car and run them around to show them properties. We have to be available to talk to our owners. And obviously, the level of stock that a lot of our agents are carrying typically would be a little bit more than normal.”

“So time is probably the most valuable commodity at the minute. And if we’re to work with our sellers and coach them through the process and get them sold, again, we’re going back to the admin stuff and the office for three to four hours a day… that could be better spent doing something else, and actually talking to those owners and getting them to a space where they can sell.”

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