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How to perfect a real estate proposal

by Proply

How to perfect a real estate proposal | Proply

The Australian Council for the Arts may disagree, but we consider real estate proposals to be something of an art form.

The perfect real estate proposal is compelling, beautifully designed and structured so that your vendors have no choice but to accept. It’s also something that comes with a lot of practice and development. Here’s what we’ve found works.

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A strong opening 

What do you want to be your vendor’s first impression of your real estate proposal? Your opening copy should be clear, gracious, respectful and excited about the opportunity. Provide a quick outline of what is included in the proposal (many people have never received a real estate proposal before, so they need to know what to expect). Reassure your vendor that the real estate agent is doing all the work to make this a simple process and that you are open to any questions and suggestions.

Aspirational photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure your pictures are amazing. Include images of past properties you have sold, plus previous sales in the neighbourhood, to make vendors think, “Hey, that could be me!”. Your photographs should be well-lit, professional and set out neatly in the proposal. Make sure to choose a plain background and font – not only is it more accessible, it will help your photographs stand out more.

Case studies and testimonials

Once you’ve hooked in your vendor with powerful copy and photos, it’s time to back up your claims. Include at least two case studies, with details of the final sale price, profit and ROI, days on the market and pricing breakdown. If you have testimonials, add them! Nothing gets vendors over the line better than a real story of success.

Clear strategy and timeline

Give your vendor a birds-eye view of your sales strategy, keeping it top-line. The best way to do this is to set out your pre-campaign and campaign period in a timeline. Numbers are sometimes difficult for vendors to understand, so break down the budget into a user-friendly table. 

Online acceptance

If your vendor has reached this part of your proposal, well done! All that’s left to do is get them across the line…. Traditional methods of accepting a proposal (calling, emailing) are time-consuming and often induce procrastination. Empower your vendors to kickstart the process in their own time by using a digital proposal with an online Accept button. With Proply, for example, you’ll be notified in real-time once vendors have clicked “Accept”, so you can immediately seal the deal.

Make the perfect real estate proposal

With Proply! Our beautifully designed, user-friendly digital real estate proposals have all the features that make a vendor want to accept. Plus, it’s free to try out.

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