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Why Social Sharing Is Key To Getting Ahead

by Proply

You’ve put your proposal together and the vendor has Accepted (because of course they did), so now what? Time to share the listing with your network! Instead of waiting around for the listing to be posted elsewhere, Proply will immediately create a “just listed” microsite for you.

Yep, no messing around.

You can share your new listing on your social channels straight away, reaching out to your network via Email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to let them know exactly what’s up.

Here’s why it’s a great way to get ahead.

Kick off the conversation

Proply’s newest social sharing feature allows you to start the ball rolling from the get go. Your listing microsite is created immediately after your vendor has Accepted so you’ll waste no time telling the World. Zero to online in a matter of minutes.

The microsite will be auto-populated with a map of the property’s location, important features of the property, images from the proposal and, of course your details. Everything a potential buyer needs to get excited and get in touch!

Strengthen your network

Every agent wants a reputation as always being on top of the game. Someone who’s one step ahead of the pack.

When you immediately share your listings to your network, you will be. Think about it: Proply’s social sharing function is easy, speedy and efficient, and it looks darn good. You’ll look like a media expert.

Plus, being able to share your listings immediately builds a sense of trust and reliability within your network. After all, you’re giving them a head start on the newest properties.

Not to mention, your vendors are sure to love you for it.

Waste no time

So, you’ve got your listing out there already and you’ve laid the ground work for what is sure to be a really successful campaign. Pat yourself on the back and dust those hands. Now you’ve got so much more capacity to focus on other things.

Sure, sharing the listing is only the beginning of the process, but you’re already so much further ahead.

Use this time and energy to give a little extra to your vendor, your buyers, your network and well, yourself. You can kick your feet up at the end of the day without guilt. You did good.

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