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Proposals with Proply (and why they’re on Point)

by Proply

No doubt that if you’re reading this, you’ve been looking for a real estate proposal solution, maybe for a while now, or even just getting started. You may also be looking at what options are out there. Great, and thanks for coming (or coming back) to us. Here are a couple of points we thought may be helpful to consider.

“Off-the-shelf” – “out-of-the-box” – “turn-key solution” – there are many ways we can describe what we are, but when distilled it’s pretty simple (you’ll hear that word a lot). We’ve got a solution that’s ready to go. No fiddling around with over-engineered customisations, no time-wasting trying to figure it all out. Nope, the point here is that there is no hard work required. Proply unapologetically lives up to its promise: Simple, fast and beautiful.

But let’s not confuse simple with stupid. No, we’ve made the interface simple (to use), while still packing the power punches such as key integrations with 3rd party data providers (hello Pricefinder!). Also, super-clever marketing features that allow you to nudge your vendor along the sales funnel (TGFF&G – thank god for Facebook and Google).

Now that’s actually pretty smart, right?

Feedback loops – this is super important to us. It helps us define our product roadmap and what additional features we can pump into our product. That’s why we talk to our customers. That way we also don’t have to rely on big incumbent teams to get the best out of our product. We remain nimble and move quickly (we could throw in an apt analogy about the difference between a speedboat and a bloated ship…. But we don’t have to). The most important point here is that we’re responsive to customers’ real needs. You won’t find us scrambling around copying functionality that customers aren’t really interested in, merely to for the sake of another “feature inclusion” headline.

Device agnostic – your proposals and the Proply interface are accessible from any of your devices, and they look and work fantastically (that’s because we’re not just a glorified WordPress site, we’re an actual web application). And once you’re set up, it’s easy to log in from anywhere.

Check out this handy shortcut to logging in:

It’s free to try for 30 days, and you get going right away. No tricks, no hooks like “enter your credit card”, no cumbersome live demos, or a frustrating “we’ll call you back, just fill out this form” message when all you want to do is get cracking. We’ve built Proply to do precisely the opposite, it really is as self-serve as you’d like it to be. And if you need help, we’re here to help.

We hope that helps. If you’re keen for our no strings attached free trial, you may just want to give Proply a go. What you reckon?

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