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Feature alert: Choosing the right theme for you – Modern vs. Classic

by Proply

So you’re sitting at your computer, nearly ready to send off your proposal in Proply and you can’t quite decide which template to pick. There are six varied themes to choose from, each with their own aesthetic appeal and layout differences.

We thought we’d take you through some of the main differences that set them apart and help you find the best way to present your next winning proposal.

In this article we’ll compare the Modern and Classic themes:


Modern vs. Classic

Just above, side by side, we have the same information presented in two very different ways with
Modern (left) and Classic (right). There’s a clear difference in layout between these two themes. Modern (one of three newly released themes) kicks off with your agency profile picture nice and prominent, next to your proposal and agency intro text. Classic, on the other hand, highlights the property location in a clear and centred focal-point, with the rest of the detail following. The ‘Important Property Information’ also gets a tweak between the two, with a minimal columned appearance in Modern, and a centred and prominent horizontal block in Classic.

Pro(ply) tip: Use the Classic theme for properties with a strong location.


Content Variation

Feel free to get creative. You don’t need to follow our lead! We know of some users who use the image, text and additional sections in very unique ways.

Instead of using a photo of yourself, why not add your agency logo, a team photo, or another image that clearly communicates your brand? And if you prefer addressing your client with a personal note at the beginning of your proposals, you can adjust the introductory agency and proposal description field to be whatever you’d like – a brief note, a joke, a detailed explanation…the options are limitless.

With each theme having its own strengths in how it displays certain content, it’s always a good idea to understand what you want to be displayed and where. For example, the Modern theme might be better where you want to create a strong first impression and open with a personal note.

Pro(ply) tip: Include a photo of your team or your agency logo in photo gallery section – it doesn’t need to be just beautiful property shots!


You can add in as many additional sections as you wish at the end of your proposal (but don’t make it too long – you do want to win the listing, don’t you?)

Here are some Pro(ply) ideas on how to use the additional sections to help tell your agency story, resonate with your clients, and increase your conversions

  • Where to from here
    • Communicate what’s next in the marketing process
  • Showcase your content
    • Use this opportunity to sell your brand and build trust with your clients
  • Insert YouTube videos (e.g. of case studies and previous sales)
    • Showcase your successes in one of the most engaging forms of content – video
  • Photos of you and the team
    • Create a more personal touch to your proposal with a friendly photo of you and the team
  • Add a personal note


We’re always on the lookout for productivity hacks with Proply so let us know how you use the app and your tips for other agents. Send us your ideas to support@proplyapp.com.au and be featured in this blog post!


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