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Can proposal software help me win business?

by Proply

Can proposal software help me win business? | Proply

If you’ve ended up on this page, you’re probably wondering how proposal software could benefit your business.

We know, proposal software is pretty new and uncertain for many. While digital proposals are increasingly popular, you have to wonder: will this actually help me win more business or is it just a nicely packaged gimmick? Well, while we can’t speak for other proposal platforms, here are seven benefits of proposal software with Proply.

Acceptance: So it’s easier for you and your vendor

Traditional proposals can seriously slow down your workflow. Proply helps you win faster with our online Accept button. Because it’s an online app (AKA you don’t have to download it to your device), potential clients are able to accept your proposal anywhere, anytime. And you’ll be notified as soon as they do.

Customisation: You’re in the driver’s seat

Proply wants to do as much work for you as possible. That’s why we have six stunning templates ready for you to plug in your data and go. But our proposals are also customisable – and you can save your hard work as a new template. Ain’t nobody got time to start from scratch. Build a bank of case studies and you can create a new proposal in literal minutes.

Integration: We’re powered by the best

We’re powered by Domain Pricefinder, Facebook, Google Adwords and Maps, LinkedIn and Twitter. Many of these integrations – including Domain Pricefinder, which usually requires a paid subscription – are included on the free trial. To supercharge your success, you can opt to upgrade your plan. Facebook remarketing can increase conversions tenfold!

Collaboration: More bang for your buck

We know most people work in a team, so all Proply memberships include UNLIMITED additional assistants. Yep, even the free trial! This means you can have several people working on proposals at once, plus it’s much easier to oversee workflow and progress. 

Analytics: Learn and grow (and grow some more)

How are you doing? What can you do to better engage your vendors? If you’re asking those kinds of questions, our analytics dashboard is here to help. Now you can track your proposals in realtime and improve your insights and strategy.

Design: Looks aren’t everything but sometimes they are

One of the biggest benefits of proposal software is aesthetic. That sounds superficial, but your vendors are used to the digital life! So dump that clunky PDF and see how much more a beautiful proposal catches their attention.

Have a look at a sample Proply proposal here.

Advice: We’re always here to help

Once you’ve signed up for Proply, you might think this is where our relationship ends. But we’re not satisfied until we’ve helped you in every way possible! You can contact us any time via the Help Desk. Plus, we send weekly blogs straight to your inbox so you’re always updated with the latest news and advice about winning business.

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