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Pro(ply) tips for uploading agency logos

by Proply

Need help uploading your agency logo? Check out our Pro(ply) tips below to get your profile all set up and ready to roll.

Minimum recommended file size – 300px x 300px
Crop ratio – 2:1
Image safe area – 300px x 150px

  • Avoiding using square logos that do not have enough padding around them. To work well with Proply’s logo crop feature, we recommend for there to be at least 10px space from the logo to the cropping edges
  • Make sure that your logo fits within the 300px x 150px safe area by setting up gridlines in Photoshop

  • If you have a horizontal logo that extends all the way to the edge, be careful to have enough padding top and bottom to fit with Proply’s logo crop feature

In short, if your logo doesn’t quite look right and is getting cut off, just give it a bit more room and re-upload it. A quick resize in Photoshop will get the job done. But if you don’t have access within your office, there are plenty of other online image editing tools that can help, including CanvaResizeImage.net, picresize and befunky.

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