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Why we offer a
free trial with Proply

by Proply

Proply - Why we offer a free trial with Proply

At Proply, we’re incredibly proud to say that we have supported thousands of agents and many more clients with our beautiful – and easy to use – online proposals. We’ve heard from users all over the country about how Proply has eased their client proposal process, saving valuable time and importantly winning more listings.

Our promise to agents is to provide an efficient, seamless online proposal platform, with a user-friendly interface that presents your proposals to potential clients in a professional and effective way.

  • Autofilled property info from Pricefinder ensures data accuracy and means you don’t have to waste time with data entry.
  • A choice between six varied and professional themes publishes your proposal in the best fit for the featured property and your brand.
  • Showcase your best with case studies that leverage your agency and give you valuable credibility to your potential vendor. And we’ve thought of everything – previously published proposals become case studies ready to include in your next proposal. You don’t need to worry about creating them from scratch or reformatting every single time!

The best part (if we say so ourselves), is that we offer the complete package to new agents for free. And we really mean it. There’s no sneaky payment details form when you sign up, and no unexpected transactions after your free 30-day trial.

We wanted to provide all agents with the best experience with Proply right from the start.

The Proply 30-day free trial gives all new users complete access to the Elite Plan – the highest tier plan for individual agents. It’s easy to set up. Just log in and get started.

If you like what you see, you can upgrade whenever you want during your free trial, or when your free trial is up.

But what if you need a bit more time? We’ve thought of that too. After the first 30 days, your account moves to the free Rookie Plan. You’ll still have complete access to your data, including previously created proposals. Your account will just be limited to one proposal per month. Need more? Change your plan at any time.

So if you’re very new to Proply – or yet to give it a go –we encourage you to sign in and get started. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at info@

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