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Property Managers: You asked, we delivered!

by Proply

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Real estate technology is rapidly evolving and we’re thrilled to be right in the thick of it at such an exciting time for the industry. Since launching Proply, we’ve seen thousands of proposals created and had countless agents tell us just how much it’s helping them win more business and get the upper hand in today’s competitive market.

A little different.

Our approach to tech is a little different. Where traditional software vendors come up with features they think would be useful and roll them out at regular intervals, we’re building functionality off the back of meaningful conversations with real users to gather their feedback (both good and bad!). This allows us to continue building a better product for you.

Listening to an engaged community.

We think it’s pretty cool having such an engaged community of users that are as passionate about the industry and technology as we are. The great thing is, the more we hear from you, the more insight we get into your challenges. And ultimately, the better we can build our product to solve those challenges. With that in mind, the most requested feature this year (by far!) has been the request for property management functionality.

Critical business functions (and functionality).

We totally understand just how critical the property management function is for many real estate agencies. Yet property managers can often be overlooked when it comes to innovation and technology. Well, not anymore. We’re pleased to say that we heard you loud and clear – you can now create rental proposals in Proply!

So what does this mean?

Well, if you’re an existing client of Proply, you can now experience the same benefits that Proply brings to your sales business.

  • You have the same intuitive user interface, with the same beautiful themes on offer and a digital-first output
  • This allows you to track client engagement. No more wondering if your proposal has just disappeared into a paper vortex.
  • We’ve extended our Pricefinder integration to allow you to instantly find and include comparable rental properties.
  • Our case studies functionality is also now suitable to be used for either sales or rentals.
  • Oh, and did we mention that there’s no extra charge to your Proply subscription.

If you’re a property management specific agency, or you’ve not yet given Proply a try (we have a free trial), we hope this inspires you to use digital proposals to win more property management business.

We’d love you to jump in, take the new rental proposal function for a spin and let us know what you think.

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