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There’s an App for That – Part Two

by Proply

Reading emails. Writing Emails. Checking over emails. Waiting for emails. Emails. Emails. Emails.

We spend hours on end in our inboxes. But what apps – if any at all – do you use to boost your email productivity?

This week, we’re back to present to you six brilliant apps that’ll save you time and effort in the inbox.

Image result for gmail logo     #1 Gmail

While we all had a bit of fun with Outlook back in the day, it’s definitely time to put it to rest. It’s 2017 now, and Gmail is where it’s at.

Downloading the Gmail web and mobile app will ensure you stay on top of your email and * ahem * bring you into the 21st century.

Image result for hubspot logo     #2 Hubspot

How do you know if your email strategy is working for you? Better yet, how do you wriggle your way out of the junk mail and in front of actual eyeballs?

Hubspot goes a step further than CRM by showing you user-specific behaviour. You’ll have access to information on how many times people clicked your email, where they opened it and how many devices they used so you can follow up with them in real time.

Image result for crystal knows logo     #3 Crystal Knows

Do you know the personality type of the person you’re emailing? Well, Crystal Knows.

Communicate better with empathy by integrating valuable insights about the personalities of your contacts into your emails. Crystal Knows coaches you on getting a contact’s attention, winning their trust, and earning their business.

Image result for to do ist logo     #4 Todoist

The old pen and paper to-do list is great but it’s a little daggy, right? We suggest you take that noise online with a Gmail plugin that helps keep stress levels to a minimum.

Use Todoist to create a list of your projects, receive reminders and share tasks with your team.

Image result for rapportive logo     #5 Rapportive

Ever wanted to find out more about your prospects or contacts without the effort of stalking their social profiles?

With Rapportive, you can get LinkedIn profile summaries right inside your Gmail. This simple chrome plugin shows you everything you need to know about your contacts right inside your inbox, combining what you know and what the web knows about them.

Image result for just not sorry logo     #6 Just Not Sorry

Do you ever find yourself peppering emails with phrases like “Sorry” or “I thought I’d just” or “I think maybe”? You probably don’t realise, but these tiny additions to your vocabulary are totally undermining your authority.

The Just Not Sorry plugin will point out all the times you unwittingly talk yourself down, so you can straighten your shoulders and keep on being the boss you are.

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