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Productively prepping a proposal with Caine’s Kate Trickey

by Proply

“Proply really saved us time, reduced our environmental impact, and allowed us to quickly deliver proposals.”

Kate Trickey, Client Services Manager at Caine Real Estate – an SME agency based in East Melbourne – has recently been prepping proposals quicker than ever before. How?

As a Personal Assistant to the Managing Director, Paul Caine, as well to another Agent, Kate used to find herself in situations where one of my agents will come in with four market appraisals that aren’t necessarily sellers but they need to have a report within the next 2 days. And if they’re 4 different types of property across 4 different suburbs, with 4 different price ranges, putting that report together would be a really timely process”.

For the past 5 months, Kate and the team at Caine Real Estate have been using Proply, a web-based proposal software, to answer “a need that we didn’t really ever know we had”.

“Proply deals with a couple of issues that we tackle when it comes to delivering reports and dealing with vendors. First, dealing with overseas owners who can’t necessarily come into the office and look at collateral with us – it bridged that gap for us. Secondly, we are quite conscious of the environment within our office, we try and do a lot to limit our footprint, and we see this as another step in that direction. Thirdly, it really streamlined the process for us when it comes to preparing multiple proposals and reports.”

As an Assistant, Kate finds Proply “a massive timesaver”. With the stock standard proposal preparation process, Kate found herself wasting hours on Google Drive in a sea of 50 proposal templates, “updating that template each time, printing it, binding it, posting it, or having someone drive out and drop it off”.

“So, using Proply, where I have all my case studies, and all of my recent sales saved, and then templates where I just go in, put in information, and send it off, it saves me so much time as an Assistant.”

In addition to the time-saving benefits, Kate finds that Proply “gives you peace of mind” with the quality, style and choice of presentation. With the trade-off between time spent and quality of proposal presentation, Kate enjoys no longer needing to compromise one factor for the other, as “with Proply, (the proposal) looks great and is really quick to prepare”.

And she finds no technology barriers with Vendors. Despite the fact that majority of the demographic of Vendors at Caine Real Estate are aged 40+, Kate and the team found that no Vendors have “had any issues or been confused by (the proposal)…we’ve had feedback that it was all really easy and concise”.

In regard to technology adoption in the real estate industry, Kate thinks that “solutions like Proply, across the board – obviously not just in the real estate industry but everywhere – are going to be completely the future”. Moving ahead of the competition, the team at Caine are already investigating the use of digital brochures for inspections alongside other digital solutions to reduce their environmental footprint as much as possible.

“Everything has gone from having conversations in a boardroom, being on the phone, to ‘just send me something’. Proply’s helped us in that sense, we’re now ready and prepared to just send a proposal off quickly, and it looks great and professional!”

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