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Penny for your thoughts? We want your feedback!

by Proply

You’ve heard us say it time and time again, and we’ll say it again for good measure… listening to our clients and creating feedback loops is how we like to keep developing our product and improve our customer experience.


Have you heard of Net Promoter Scores?

So put simply, this is an industry standard question/set of questions. The customer is asked if they would recommend a product/service to a colleague, friend and/or family member. The idea is that you wouldn’t refer a sucky product or service to those closest to you, and so, you’re likely to get a pretty honest answer from your customer. Pretty sound logic we think. Are you up for it?


“You can’t handle the truth”!!!

Um, yes we can. And it’s important that we can. We’re a realistic bunch; we know there will be stuff in Proply that you might want changed, improved or even removed. It would be great to know this. This will help develop our roadmap and make us a better service provider and deliver a better product. On the flip side, we will also graciously accept the odd compliment or two.


And on the subject of compliments…

Full disclosure, it would be great to get positive feedback too. And we’re likely to use it in two ways (just so you know – we did say full disclosure):

  1. We’d love to publish them on our site. We believe the best way to get Proply in front of more people is word-of-mouth. Of course it is, which business isn’t keen on word-of-mouth?
  2. We’d love to highlight what it is you love about Proply specifically. There are tonnes of features available at your fingertips, but often these are missed by other users. We know that you’re using Proply in the most creative ways, and we’d love to share these. We’ll even give you the bragging rights to creative usage of features.


We’ll keep it simple… promise!

We don’t need to keep banging on about simplicity and how important it is. Which is why we’re simply (ha!) using a survey monkey feedback form to capture feedback. Nothing complex, nothing over-engineered. And we swear to keep questions short. 4 questions in total. Not a rabbit hole in sight.


Find the survey below or fill it out here. Thanks for helping us out!

Create your own user feedback survey

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