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Nudge theory: how to reconnect with leads without really trying

by Proply

Picture this: after some hard graft and research, you’ve finally sent off your stunning real estate proposal.

And then… radio silence.

You want to check in. Have they read it? Did it send properly? You send an email, but still no response. Maybe it’s in their junk mail. How many times can you email this person without them getting properly cheesed off?

If that’s a situation you’ve found yourself in, you’re not alone. People don’t like to be told what to do, they resist the hard sell and they especially don’t like to be nagged. That’s why everyone from supermarkets to social media agencies to governments are trying something different: the nudge.


What is a nudge?

Theorised back in 1995, nudges are small, indirect suggestions that, instead of mandating or restricting, simply direct people towards a particular choice. You’ll see them all the time if you look – granola bars instead of sweets at a shop counter, plain packaging on cigarettes, the classic up-sell.

“If you want to encourage someone to do something, make it easy.” – Richard Thaler, author of Nudge.


The digital nudge

Remarketing is a nudge for the 21st century. Facebook retargeting, in particular, works by “tagging” a user that has not converted (in our case, clicked the online Accept button on your proposal). When they log in to Facebook, they’ll be shown an ad for the proposal. It blends right into the platform, offering just a gentle nudge to finish what they started.

“’I get a 100% open rate,’ said nobody ever. All the more reason to place Facebook ads targeting your own email list.” – Mari Smith, social media marketing expert.


How it works for you

In many ways, real estate agents who use the Proply app to send digital proposals already have a leg up. You’ll get realtime notifications and analytics, so you can see how your proposal is doing instead of flying blind. The instant online Accept button also acts as a nudge – allowing the client to easily put the wheels into motion without drafting an email or even picking up the phone.

Remarketing is available on our Enterprise membership (along with other exclusive perks such as our Priority Help Desk and Phone Support). You can serve your prospect engaging social media ads through the Proply dashboard. It’s all taken care of and automatic – and you can monitor the results to make sure your campaigns are always improving.


Want to try it out?

With Proply, you can create stunning real estate proposals in minutes. If you’re not sure about the Enterprise membership yet, no worries – the Rookie plan is completely free (no credit card required). You won’t have access to remarketing tools, but you’ll be able to create and send a proposal, set up your team and take it for a spin. Alternatively, if you want to hear more about how the Enterprise plan can help increase your conversions, email us at info@

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