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How to write better proposals (today!)

by Proply

Proply - How to write better proposals

If you’re wanting to get better results from your real estate proposals, it’s worth turning your attention to your copy.

While beautiful images and a stylish layout are certainly important – after all, aesthetics matter! – the words you choose to use will always be the most compelling element of your proposal. 

But, if you don’t fancy yourself a writer – rest assured, you can still improve your copywriting by keeping the following tips in mind…


Keep it simple.

A common misconception people make when writing (especially when writing marketing or sales copy) is that everything needs to sound like you just received your PhD in English from Oxford. The truth is, using overly flowery language that doesn’t make logical sense in plain English will not only be difficult for your client to read and digest, but it might put them off altogether – if they need a dictionary to read your proposal, it’s likely they won’t bother.


Edit, edit, edit.

Have you used 10 words when four would suffice? Don’t feel like you need to write pages and pages to appear like you know what you’re talking about. From the reader’s perspective, short bite-sized chunks of info are far more appetising, and far more likely to convert. If you’ve got loads of information you need to include then be conscious of how people tend to read and absorb information – a good rule of thumb is to order your info from most important to least. 


Make it relatable.

Choose language that relates to your target audience. Not everyone will respond to the same tone of voice so be mindful of who you’re speaking to and tailor your copy accordingly. If in doubt, keep it clear, concise and professional.



Like with anything, the more you practise, the more you’ll improve. It’s that simple.


Ready to start writing better proposals?

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