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How to work from home (and still be productive)

by Proply

With so many of us forced to work from home in these unprecedented times, we thought we’d share some tips for productivity.

After all, there are so many distractions when you work from home vs. at the office. Interruptions from family members or roommates, a very needy pet, household chores and of course the siren’s call of Netflix – all these distractions, coupled with not having your boss over your shoulder, can add up to not very much work at all.

Stick to your routine

Get into the work state of mind by following your routine as closely as possible. Set work hours, designate a lunch break, take your regular meetings over phone or Skype. Try to keep a routine within this new workspace, like making sure you always work in the same room. And though it’s unnecessary to wear a suit, simply changing out of your pyjamas can set the tone for the day.

Start early

Yes, it’s nice to have an extra hour to lie in without your morning commute. But you know what’s even nicer – finishing at 4 PM and spending a leisurely evening walking the dog, making a nice dinner, watching the latest episode of Schitt’s Creek. Plus, you’ll be more alert and active in the morning than the late afternoon.

Work at your desk (or table)

Working from bed is a great idea… until you fall asleep mid-sentence. Don’t get too comfortable – sitting at your desk or table will help you stay alert and active. At least most people don’t have TVs in their studies or dining rooms.

Move to get motivated

One of the best things about working from home is you have more freedom to move around as you please. Make sure to take regular breaks away from your screen to stretch and refresh. Since you’re likely to be cooped up, a brief walk around the block will benefit your physical and mental health.

Say no to visitors

We won’t tell you how to run your social life, but sometimes you really do have to put your foot down with friends and family “popping in” when you are technically at work. And anyway – social distancing!

Block social media

How is anybody meant to get work done when being interrupted every five minutes with a tweet or status update about the coronavirus? There are several apps that block your access to social media and other distracting websites, at least for a period of time.

Go “home”

For the workaholics among us, the lack of work and home life boundaries could lead to putting in more hours than usual. Though you might have some short-term success, you run the risk of burnout. Set boundaries and stick to them so you don’t end up working around the clock. Be good to yourself – your health is most important!

Switch to digital

Is it hard to conduct business solely from your home? Maybe it’s time to change how you do it. Tools and apps help you stay connected to both your clients and your collaborators. You can create and send digital proposals, for example, instantly from any device – and your clients can accept just as easily. Plus, there’s no paper wasted!

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