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How people actually read your proposal

by Proply

How people actually read your proposal | Proply

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when your vendor opens the proposal you carefully crafted. 

Curious about how people read your proposals? You’ll have to read this article. And… that’s kind of the problem. Research has shown only 16% of people actually read web pages word by word. For the 79% of your audience that prefer to scan information, we have some insights and tips to grab their attention anyway.

Inside the mind of a “scanner”

People are very good at picking up important information – if not, we’d overload. Throw in a hectic lifestyle and it’s no surprise the majority of us simply scan content instead of reading deeply. Search engine bots even scan pages in the same way, picking up on subheadings, bullet lists, bold text and frequent keyphrases. To help people scan your proposals and still get all the information they need, try these tips:

  • Break up your writing. Use short paragraphs and even shorter sentences. Make information clear and easy to digest with headings and bullet lists.
  • Align left. People read web pages in an F-shaped pattern, tending to concentrate mostly on the left-hand side.
  • Employ an inverted pyramid structure. Include the most important information at the very beginning (see below).

Small screens, big impact

More and more people are reading their emails, news, blogs – and your proposals – on smartphones or tablets. With a smaller screen, you’ll need to be even more careful of unbroken blocks of text. Mobile users are more likely to be doing other things on their devices (texting, social media) and get distracted easily. This can all spell trouble if your vendor is reading your proposal on a smartphone or tablet, but you can make it work:

  • Responsive design. Make sure your proposal design adapts to different screen dimensions (that’s why an online proposal is far more versatile than a standard PDF).
  • Retarget leads. Smartphone users tend to bounce between web pages and social media. Take advantage of this with social media retargeting, serving ads to your leads right inside their favourite platform.
  • Be interactive. The mobile experience is all about interactivity, so make sure to include links, multimedia and clickable call-to-actions.

Reading the future of proposals

To win more business, you need to understand how your potential clients receive and engage with proposal. The first web-based proposal app. Proply, allows you to send interactive, beautifully formatted web proposals to your vendor. Adapted for every platform and device, your vendors can read your proposal on the go and accept instantly! It’s free to try out (no credit card, no long Ts and Cs for you to read – simply sign up with your email).

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