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How and why we focused on Real Estate agents with Proply

by Geoff Lewis

In July 2017 we launched Proply, Australia’s first web-based proposal app for real estate agents to vendors that is interactive and fully customisable. I wanted to share how and why Proply came to be.

Scratching my own itch

Initially, the concept was a solution to solve my own problem… my belief that there was a disconnect between serving prospects a typical proposal document and the emotionally charged environment of the property market.  I wanted to bridge this gap. I wanted to demonstrate that our fees are a valuable investment and I wanted to create an interactive environment to convey this message.

User experience is our priority

Real estate is fast and agents are busy. No one has time for another technology product unless it is easy to use and adds immediate value. These are the pillars for our product development and user experience forms the foundation. Our Beta rollout is the result of extensive market research into what our agents wanted to create beautiful proposals, fast. How they wanted to interact with their vendors in a digital age and how this is going to support them to win listings.

Encouraging customer feedback

With the launch of our Minimum Viable Product we are not only listening to customer feedback, we are promoting it. We’re invested in our feedback and support process which is fully integrated into Proply. With a couple of keystrokes our customers can submit meaningful feedback. Our support platform is built on Zendesk, we use Usersnap to collect in App feedback and sync everything with Agile CRM. The communication flows seamlessly and we are able to respond quickly.

A familiar, intuitive experience

Proply is a SaaS product at heart, however we wanted to build an App-like interface with a focus on user familiarity. Proply is designed to work the way you do and save time through an intuitive experience. It’s fascinating to see the varying interpretation from agent to agent and how Proply handles this to deliver a polished finished product for the vendor.

Integrations and partnerships

Proply has launched with an exceptional data integration with Pricefinder part of the Domain Group tech giant. The API powers property information directly into Proply without the need for our agents to search offline. We are continuing to work with Pricefinder to hone our algorithms and endpoints to further improve this integration.

Built on solid infrastructure

We were committed from the start to build a quality product and we recruited some of the best designers and developers to ensure the front end was beautiful and underpinned by a robust back end. Proply is powered by world class technology and this is one of the reasons that our agents are already winning listings, while we are still in Beta.

Adding value, often

Our Beta product is free to all our users. We are committed to adding value, often. We have a product road map that continues to evolve with our customers, and part of this went live with the official release of our Subscription platform in Spring / Summer 2017.

At the time of writing, Proply is in Beta, with free early access available via http://proplyapp.com.au/

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