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How AI could transform the real estate industry

by Proply

Proply - How AI could transform the real estate industry

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) continues to infiltrate almost all aspects of modern living.

From self-driving cars to streaming services which can predict our tastes in entertainment, to facial recognition software – AI is everywhere. And it’s not long before it begins to influence the real estate industry, too.

Here’s how…


Improved property recommendations

While property sales are very much dependent on real estate agents building strong client relationships and seeking out the perfect property for their client based on individual requirements – the development of AI could mean that property recommendations become even more tailored. Already, proptech technologies are gathering more and more complex data at each stage of the customer journey – but with the integration of AI, this data may be able to be amalgamated and integrated in a way that further personalises what the client is seeing and interacting with. For example, if a customer is browsing a property search website and there is an AI-based algorithm in place, it could effectively help to surface and highlight properties that are perfect for them as an individual.

Virtual tour open homes

It wasn’t that long ago that searching for a new home meant circling listings in a newspaper. While the advancements of the internet mean that we can now jump online to view pictures and videos of a property before heading to the open home – AI could take this one step further. The development of virtual reality headsets could mean that one day, we could take a stroll through our dream property, before even having stepped foot in the door.


Increased demand for home automation

Already, home automation technologies have begun to make our lives more convenient – allowing us to turn on our air conditioning or lights, unlock our doors and even kickstart our morning coffee brew! But smarter buildings and AI-powered home automation could also help to reduce energy consumption, by intuitively controlling things like temperature thermostats, lighting sensors and plugs. As more and more buyers become concerned with energy consumption for the sake of their pockets – as well as the planet – AI could reduce our collective carbon footprint. In terms of home security too, AI will also likely to become increasingly important (and common!) as facial recognition becomes the norm.


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