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Google Tag Manager: How to activate one of Proply’s most powerful features

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You’ve ditched the burden of a binder (good riddance!), given your proposals a facelift, streamlined your process, and improved your acceptance-rate – so, what’s next?

If you’re looking to take your real estate agency to the next level, then remarketing ads are right up your alley. Remarketing ads are online ads that use cookies (the inedible ones that store web browsing information) to track people who have visited specific website pages. This means that when your vendor looks at your Proply proposal, you can target and re-engage them with personalised ads. Some advertising platforms like Google and Facebook also have the technology to target people who have similar attributes to your vendors so that you can expand your brand awareness and win more business!

Yeah, we think it’s pretty neat too.

And this is how it works…

To get started with remarketing ads, you’ll first need to implement a Google Tag Manager (GTM) code into your Proply account. Google Tag Manager is one of the most popular and efficient ways to add tracking technology so that those cookies can get to work. Don’t worry, you don’t need to email your IT team. Installing a GTM code in Proply is simple and only takes 1 minute (yes, we timed it!).

Check out the demo video below or follow the instructions on our Knowledge Base:

Easy, right?

The beauty of Google Tag Manager is that you now have the flexibility to add remarketing tracking codes from any advertising platform to your Proply account. Maybe you’ve read about why Facebook remarketing is important and now want to install the Facebook Pixel? Or you’ve seen great results on Google Ads and want to experiment with their remarketing ads? Go for it; the digital advertising world is your oyster!

Don’t have a Proply account yet? We’ve got a free trial available (no credit card required).

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