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Hook your vendor in the first 15 seconds of your proposal

by Proply

Close the deal in the first paragraph of your proposal | Proply

Did you know the average person typically spends less than 15 seconds engaged on a web page?

So, if you want your vendor to accept your proposal you’d better hook them with the very first paragraph (arguably the most important part of the entire proposal). Here’s how to capture their attention so they’ll want to spend much more than 15 seconds with you!

Set the tone

If you don’t sound excited about the opportunity, there’s a slim chance your vendor will be. This doesn’t mean you should load up your copy with superlatives and exclamation points (you should still appear professional, after all). But mentioning your enthusiasm for the project will leave your vendor intrigued.

Example: “We are excited to share with you our plans for a successful campaign. We hope you enjoy reviewing our proposal as much as we did preparing it for you.”

Keep it simple

Many people make the mistake of loading the first paragraph of their proposal with too much information. That’s one sure-fire way to overwhelm your vendor! Instead, introduce the opportunity with simple language, outlining what to expect in the next few pages.

Example: “We have outlined the important details about your property and similar sales in the area to help to form an opinion about sales value.”

Be grateful

Your vendor’s time is valuable, even just 15 seconds of it. Make sure to acknowledge this with a simple thank you – people who feel appreciated are much more likely to hear what you have to say.

Example: “Thank you for the opportunity to present you with our proposal to sell your home at 43 Palm Beach Road.”

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