Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a template for my proposal?
Proply allows you to duplicate any previously created proposal, to be used as a template. Simply click the duplicate icon on any of your existing proposals.
How does the Pricefinder integration work?
Proply has a deep integration with Domain's Pricefinder data product. Property data is automatically populated in your proposal along with recent sales data which can be filtered and edited as you choose. You can even search for a specific address for a comparable sale within Proply.
Do you require credit card details during the Free period?
No, you can try Proply free without having to provide your credit card details. We hope this makes it even easier for you to test all the great features of Proply and win more listings.
What level of access will I have during the Free trial period?
There are so many great features to Proply, and we want you to experience all of them. During the Free Trial period, you will have access to our Elite plan. That gives you the ability to create and send unlimited Proply proposals, add multiple Assistants, SMS notification and social sharing of new listings.
Will I need to create a new proposal from scratch every time?
One of our main focuses with Proply is to save you time. Proply has a simple function to duplicate existing proposals, you can even create a template that you use over and over again.
Can I see a demo of Proply before signing up for a free trial?
Absolutely! We’ve recorded a step-by-step video walk-through on building your first Proply proposal. You can watch it on our home page right now.
Does Proply integrate with property reporting and data tools?
Yes! Proply has a deep integration with Domain's Pricefinder data product. This integration is available to ALL Proply users and you don't need a Pricefinder account to access this information.
What if I don’t have a Pricefinder subscription?
No problems! You don’t need to be a Pricefinder customer to use Proply's data integration.
Can you explain the difference between Agents and Assistants?
Proply licenses are for sales-based Real Estate Agents. Rookie, Professional and Elite plans offer one Agent license per subscription. Each Agent can add Assistants, allowing for support staff to create proposals on behalf of their Agent. Assistants are FREE.
Can you tell me more about the Enterprise plan?
We’ve designed a plan especially for Agencies with multiple Agents and Assistants. This includes a Principal Dashboard, with agency-wide Analytics, priority support, personalised on-boarding and the ability to run clever Facebook re-marketing campaigns to vendors. Enterprise subscribers also have the option of a custom designed Proply proposal theme for an additional cost. With Enterprise we have focused on collaboration within an Agency.
Is it possible to customise the Proply proposal theme?
There are six beautiful Proply proposal themes to choose from. Each proposal will be branded with your profile photo, logo, agency details, customised content and images.
Is Proply designed for property sales and leasing Agents?
Yes! Proply is designed to be flexible for both sales and leasing Agents.
After the free trial, can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?
Yes, you can change your plan at any time from within the Dashboard. However, by downgrading after the free trial you may lose certain features like SMS notification, themes and limits on the number of proposals you can send with Proply.
What is the Case Studies feature, and how is it different from recent sales?
The Case Study feature in Proply is a way for you to showcase your portfolio. In the Case Study module, you will provide your vendors with information about your previous sales results including marketing plans, return on investment, days on market and vendor testimonials. This is distinctively different from recent sales data, which is focused on the sales result rather than the process and ROI. Proply’s case study module is intuitive with the option to create a case study from any Accepted proposal – Proply is building your next case study for you as you go.
Is my Vendor data and information safe with Proply?
Most definitely! We take security and privacy of all data very seriously. You can rest assured that all information you add to Proply is safe and secure. More details about our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions can be found linked at the bottom of the page.
How do the SMS notifications work?
Everyone on a Professional, Elite or Enterprise plan will receive an SMS notification when a vendor accepts a Proply proposal. When you send a proposal to a vendor, they receive a personalised SMS from the Agent with a unique link to view their proposal. Personalised and real-time email notifications are also included in all plans.
Am I able to add additional information that does not appear on the sample proposal?
Yes, you can add in as many sections, with any information you choose. We also have the ability to add additional photos and videos to these sections, so you can showcase anything you want to your vendors.

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