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5 shortcuts to halve your time making real estate proposals

by Proply

5 shortcuts to halve your time making real estate proposals | Proply

There are only eight hours in the workday, which doesn’t amount to very much when you’re juggling multiple deadlines. 

So, wouldn’t it be nice if you could halve the time you spent making real estate proposals? With digital proposal software, you can. Here’s how to shave hours off your real estate proposal process, and get back more time to do the things that count.

1. Populate data from Domain PriceFinder.

Option 1: Research previous sales in the neighbourhood, source imagery, find out the sales price and date, paste it all into a document and arrange in a stylish format.

Option 2: Do it all automatically!

Yep, our Domain Pricefinder integration inputs data straight into your real estate proposal and allows you to search for a specific address for a comparable sale. You don’t need a Pricefinder subscription to use this tool either, with all levels of Proply membership eligible, including the free trial.

2. Make case studies ahead of time.

Agents know that case studies are crucial to a good proposal, but can be time-consuming to prepare. With Proply, you can create case studies ahead of time in the platform, ready to insert into your real estate proposals with a single click. 

3. Save your own templates.

We have six stylish templates to choose from and build upon. Tweak these to your needs and save your own custom template in the platform. (Hint: you can edit your proposals at any time, even after you’ve sent to the vendor!).

Have a look at a sample Proply proposal here.

4. Add unlimited FREE assistants.

As they say, many hands make light work! All Proply memberships include unlimited free assistants, making it possible to work collaboratively and track progress. Or, update to our Enterprise tier to add multiple agents (perfect for big teams).

5. Improve your process with each proposal.

We encourage Proply users to make the platform their own. Shake up the template, try different features like microsites and remarketing, and find out what works with our analytics dashboard. The more you use Proply, the better it gets (just ask our users who send around 560 real estate proposals each month!).

It’s faster both ways.

Digital proposals streamline the process for your vendors too! They can view your online proposal instantly and get the ball rolling using our Accept button (sending you a real-time notification). That gives you more time to liaise with clients, refine your strategy and win business.

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