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Solved! 5 problems real estate agents face (+ the digital fixes)

by Proply

5 problems real estate agents face (+ the digital fixes) – Proply

The world is rapidly changing, and with these changes come a host of new issues facing the real estate industry.

But for every problem, there’s a solution. Thanks to digital innovations, we’re now able to fix some of the biggest bugbears with real estate proposals. Here are five common problems real estate agents face and the tech-savvy ways to deal with them.

1. Too much time making proposals

There’s only 24 hours in a day and far too many of them are spent making proposals. Digital proposal software is the answer. Using a simple and intuitive platform, you can create fully customisable proposals in minutes, picking from a range of stylish themes. Want to ensure consistency across your branding? The Proply app lets you save your own template. Plus, insert your own case studies with just the click of a button.

Have a look at a sample Proply proposal here.

2. Waiting (and waiting) on clients

You’ve sent out your great-looking proposal… now what? So much time is wasted wondering if your vendor has accepted your proposal (or even looked at it!). Digital proposals minimise the waiting game. With Proply, you can keep track of which proposals have been opened. You’ll also get realtime notifications when the client accepts online.

3. Competition from other real estate agents

You want to be distinguishable from your competitors – but how? Vendors are more responsive than ever to technology. After all, a good app can make everything so much easier, quicker and livelier. Your digital proposal, complete with a sleek and interactive design, will definitely stand out amongst the throng of PDFs.

4. An uncertain housing market

It seems like almost every day there’s a doom-and-gloom news story about the future of Australian real estate. How do you reassure your vendors? Show them the money! All Proply memberships including the free trial are integrated with Domain Pricefinder’s premium data product. Instantly populate your proposal with the most up-to-date sales data and even search for a specific address to find a comparable sale within Proply.

5. Disruptive technology

A survey of 330 real estate decision makers found that 92% agreed digital and technological change will impact their business. There’s no denying new technology is disrupting the industry – so, instead of fighting against it, why not work with it? Get ahead of the curve with a strategy that incorporates proptech as an opportunity.

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