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6 myths about digital proposals

by Proply

6 myths about digital proposals busted | Proply

As a digital proposal platform, you can imagine we get plenty of questions about, well, digital proposals.

And that’s great! Making any change to your business strategy requires forethought and interrogation, and switching from traditional to digital proposals is no different. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about digital proposals and whether they will work for your business, we’re here to clear things up, once and for all!

FALSE: Digital proposals are difficult to make.

What if we were to tell you it’s actually easier making digital proposals? We’re not pulling your leg – our Proply digital proposals come with six beautiful templates that are easy to use and integrated with world-class technologies. Even our free trial comes with Domain’s Pricefinder data product, automatically populating your proposal with recent sales data. 

Have a look at a sample Proply proposal here.

FALSE: You need a compatible device or app.

We also hate when software is only available on particular devices. That’s why Proply is compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers – for both you and your vendor. It’s the first web-based proposal app, meaning you don’t need to download another app taking up storage on your device.

FALSE: Clients prefer traditional proposals.

Would you prefer something slow, clunky and wasting paper? Mostly, today’s vendors appreciate a proposal that’s vibrant and speaks their language. We find that even tech-phobic clients quickly adapt to digital proposals (and don’t want to go back!). 

FALSE: Digital proposals are just another trend.

They probably said the same thing about Facebook, right? Of a recent survey of 330 real estate decision-makers, “89% agreed that “traditional real estate organisations need to engage with PropTech companies in order to adapt to the changing global environment”. It’s easier to make changes now – when competition for digital proposals is only heating up – than to start on the back foot.

FALSE: It takes more time to make digital proposals.

We have to bust this myth! You can input data and case studies at the click of the button into one of our instant templates. It’s much faster than starting a Word document from scratch.

FALSE: Digital proposal software is expensive.

When you factor in the costs of printing, digital proposals are the cheaper option. We set up membership tiers to cater to different team sizes and budgets. Starting with Rookie, for the low price of $0.00! Try out our simple platform for free, including a complimentary proposal. Domain Pricefinder integration and unlimited additional assistants.

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