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Your digital proposal toolkit (create, write, track + more)

by Proply

Your digital proposal toolkit | Proply

Digital proposals, at their heart, are designed to make your life simpler, faster and better. And of course, win more business.

We think even the most tech-phobic can easily adapt to the Proply platform – and because it works across all devices (you don’t need to download an app), it’s easy for your vendors, too. That said, the more information you have, the quicker you will be able to master Proply and make digital proposals your own. Bookmark this page for handy links on all you need to know about digital proposals, from writing to analytics, and so much more.

Creating your proposal

First things first, here’s how to create a digital proposal. Luckily, we have six stylish templates for you to choose from and customise to your liking (which you can save as a new template, too).

Making a bank of case studies

Case studies are crucial to getting your clients over the line. They’re easy to create in Proply and even easier to insert straight into your proposal at the click of a button.

Setting up your team

All Proply memberships – including the free trial – have unlimited assistants. Using the collaborative dashboard, you’ll be able to delegate and oversee your proposal output.

Writing compelling copy

We’re always working with marketing experts here at Proply – along the way, they’ve divulged plenty of knowledge on what makes winning writing. Skill up!

Tracking your success

Take advantage of the realtime dashboard analytics and use data to inform your strategy. Now that’s something you can’t do with a digital proposal!

Upgrading with extras

Want to take your proposals to the next level? Maybe the Proply Enterprise membership is for you. But before you sign up, here’s why and how our premium tools work.

Have you tried Proply yet?

Create beautiful business proposals with Proply, our online proposal app that works on every device. Our free trial membership gives you a taster of all we offer, including real-time notifications, analytics, tech integration, case studies, instant acceptance and more. There’s no credit card required – the first proposal is on us! 

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