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Did you know you can automate that?

by Proply

One of the greatest challenges for any business – of any size – is scaling when you have limited resources on hand. Enter: automation.

Put simply, automation can be thought of as a workflow tool that you can implement across your business for myriad benefits. And, if you’re in the busy real estate business, we bet you could use all the help you can get!

Here are four reasons why embracing automation could help you do more, with less…

Save time
The most obvious benefit is undoubtedly the time savings you will make once you start to discover the power of automation – and specifically, digital automation. From project management tools like Asana, Active Collab and Trello to automating your analytics, using a scheduling tool to post your content, adding chatbots to your site or implementing an app that enables digital signatures to be received from your clients – tasks that were once performed by a member of your team can now be digitised. At Proply, we’ve automated the process of designing and sending beautiful real estate proposals to your clients – meaning it’s quicker than ever to create and send a proposal!

Boost productivity
With more time up your sleeve, this means your team now has more energy and motivation to focus their attention elsewhere, boosting productivity. With increased output, just imagine what your business could achieve. The sky’s the limit!

Create process
Another huge benefit of automation is the ability to standardise processes and create established workflows. By removing the possibility of human error (it happens to the best of us!), you can set up automated processes that are clear, concise and able to be easily shared amongst your team. Established processes help to ensure expectations are clear (reducing confusion) means that you’ll spend less time training your team as they are able to access vital information themselves.

Increase visibility
How many businesses have you worked in where every department maintains its own processes, spreadsheets and reporting docs? While this might work within a single department – it kills business productivity as it means that multiple people may be performing the same tasks, in different ways. By automating operational processes, you can increase visibility and ensure that critical insights and data are shared across your business. This not only aids productivity but is useful when reporting retrospectively to assess business performance.


Now that you’re ready to embrace automation…

Why not give Proply a go and automate your proposals? Proply is free to try – you don’t even need a credit card to sign up. If you’d like to know more about Proply real estate proposals, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at info@

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