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How to be the ONLY option for your client

by Proply

How to be the ONLY option for your client | Proply

Any person in business knows that the competition is always cutthroat. Everyone claims to be number one, the market is saturated and the clients, well, they’re just confused!

If you want to drive conversions and retain a loyal client base, it’s not enough to present yourself as the number one option – you need to be the only option. Here are a few ways to stand out in a crowd of competitors, make your offerings irresistible and create real customer loyalty.

How to stand out

The price is right

Many companies will try to price out their competitors. However, you should never sacrifice quality for a “too good to be true” price point. Instead, conduct thorough market research and stick by your pricing model. And, of course, make sure the quality matches what the price promises.

Know what makes you… you

Importantly, know what makes you different from your competition and talk about it. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel – sometimes it’s as simple as offering something extra in the way you do business, build relationships and care for your clients.

Roll with the changes

Many people conduct business almost solely from their smartphones. If your proposals aren’t as tech-savvy as your audience, you’ll risk losing them. Make sure your tech works smoothly across all platforms and facilitates the customer journey (particularly conversion).

Locking in the deal

Looks aren’t everything…

But they’re pretty important. You’d be surprised how much a clean, eye-catching design will entice people (even if the product is less than amazing). Unless you’re a professional coder or designer, this is one to pass onto the experts.

Reduce your footprint

In 2020, people are more invested in sustainability than ever. If your company is eco-conscious, you could win over more clients who share these values. Example? Digital proposals are sent and accepted without any paperwork, saving time and trees in the process.

Easy does it

The hard work is getting your client to a stage where they want to convert – so accepting your offer should be the easiest thing in the world. If it’s not, call up your tech team immediately! Or choose Proply proposals, with an online Accept button that lets your vendor to instantly choose you when they’re ready.

Creating customer loyalty

Time to deliver

This should go without saying – once you’ve secured a deal, make sure you deliver on everything you’ve promised. In fact, do even better. That’s a one-way ticket to glowing reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Talk isn’t cheap

Keep regular contact and check in with your vendor. It’s also a great opportunity to listen to feedback about what didn’t work. Then you can continually improve the experience for your next clients.

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