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Does your proposal follow the customer journey?

by Proply

Does your proposal follow the customer journey? | Proply

If you explore the unknown without a map, there’s a high possibility you’ll get lost.

The same will happen to your potential clients if you fail to map out a clear customer journey. This is the process your vendor takes to achieve a goal (for example, accepting a proposal). We all know from our own experiences as customers just how many interactions, considerations and deliberations we go through before we’re ready to make a commitment!

Your actual proposal can take the shape of a customer journey, too. While there are plenty of variations, the AIDA model – Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action – has been around for more than 100 years and is a great blueprint to start from. Here’s how to apply it to your next proposal.


This phase is where you vendor becomes aware that you can help fill a need (a need they may not have even recognised before now!). The beginning of your proposal shouldn’t be too heavy on information, but simply introduce who you are and what you can offer them. All customers enter through the journey through the awareness phase, but only a few are engaged to move forward in the journey. So be clear, engaging and customer-focused.


If your vendor is still interested, well done! Now it’s time to capitalise on this connection. Go into detail about the benefits of the proposal (again, make sure this is all about the customer’s needs). This is a good opportunity to shout your USPs and any exciting figures or statistics that set this proposal apart. If you lose the customer’s interest at this point in the journey, it will be tough to get back. 


Business is just as much, if not more, about emotions than logic. Interest and desire can actually be developed simultaneously, through enticing imagery and emotive language. You don’t have to be a professional copywriter –  check out our blog on persuasive writing techniques to help you win proposals


As you might have guessed, this is the stage when the customer wants what you have on offer. But don’t drop the ball here! Make the final action as easy and enticing as possible. For example, all Proply proposals have an online Accept button, allowing your vendor to instantly choose you when they’re ready.

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