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5 cold calling techniques you can apply to your proposals

by Proply

5 cold calling techniques you can apply to your proposals | Proply

There’s a lot we can learn from cold calling techniques. 

After all, anybody who can call up a stranger and get them to spend money is a master of persuasion. Although proposals are often sent online these days – and that’s how vendors like it – you can still apply cold calling techniques to your digital proposals. Now, let’s close that deal!

1. Start with a strong opener

Cold callers know that if you don’t sell yourself in the first five seconds, the deal is pretty much over. Email proposals are less disruptive than cold calls, but that doesn’t mean you should waste their time either. Immediately introduce yourself and your credentials, as well as a quick summary of the proposal. If you win them over in this bit, you’ll win their time.

2. Don’t talk (too much) about yourself

We’ve all experienced those awful cold calls where the rep goes on and on and on about the company. Whether you’re cold calling, making a proposal or smashing out some content marketing, this simply doesn’t work. You should make it all about the vendor because, hey, it is! Laser your focus on how you can help them, not the other way around.

3. Be warm

Warmth sounds counterintuitive to cold calling, but the best in the business are also skilled people persons (er… people people?). Start with thanking your vendor for the opportunity to present your proposal. Your tone should walk the line between professional, friendly, respectful and excited. Not confident with your writing skills? Check out these copywriting secrets.

4. Don’t stick to a script

It’s always handy to have a template – that’s why Proply digital proposals are ready to use, just plug in your info and go! But our proposals are also customisable. Likewise, the best cold callers adjust their script when they need to. It takes a little more time, but vendors really respond to proposals that are personalised. 

5. Handle rejection with grace

Cold callers are perhaps the most rejected people on the planet. But do you think that stops them? One cold calling technique we particularly like is seeing rejection as an opportunity. This is the time to ask your vendors about their reservations – if they’re unfounded, you might be able to turn it around! If it’s a firm ‘no’, take their feedback on board and improve your proposal strategy for the next time around.

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