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Case Study: The proposal that led BadgerFox to a $30mil sale

by Proply


From luxury studio apartments to contemporary, 4-bedroom family homes, the team at BadgerFox is definitely no stranger to selling and managing beautiful properties in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. But this property was different.

For one thing, it boasted more parking spaces than bedrooms (that’s 12 parking spaces and 7 bedrooms), not to mention a state-of-the-art home cinema, wine cellar, and heated pool overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge. When BadgerFox cofounders and directors, Peter Leipnik and Alexander George saw this Vaucluse architectural masterpiece, they knew they had to be the ones to sell it.

And sure enough, even before the property went up for auction, Peter and Alex sold the 1,500sqm estate within the $30mil range, breaking records for Vaucluse Road that were placed and held since 2007.

It’s a testament to their hard-working and strong-willed character, as well as their expertise and knowledge of the real estate market. With Proply’s solution, Peter and Alex created and presented the perfect proposal that won them the client and got the ball rolling towards the incredible sale. Here’s how they perfected their proposal…

“Make sure each proposal is bespoke to the individual client”

Duplicating proposal templates has allowed BadgerFox to create proposals quickly and efficiently, but they always make sure to change up the proposal’s look to suit the client. It starts with the photos (a picture says a thousand words after all).

“We mix up the photos in the Photo Gallery in step two of the process to include similar properties we have sold to the one we are pitching for, collaged with the profile photos of the agents pitching for the business.”

“Explore the different themes”

Tailoring the proposal doesn’t stop with pictures. BadgerFox also loves to switch between themes as well. They wouldn’t use the same proposal theme for a breezy beach house and a luxurious city apartment.

“As Proply gives us a selection of themes to choose at the final step, we pick the best one we feel fits the project and client. We tend to float between the Contemporary & Luxury theme most to make sure each proposal is bespoke to the individual client – for the Vaucluse property, we used the ‘Contemporary’ theme.”

“Pricefinder makes the Comparable Property section close to seamless”

Following the thread of customising the proposal to suit the client, BadgerFox also told us that the Comparable Property section is essential to them.

Proply’s integration with Pricefinder means that BadgerFox was able to quickly find comparable properties in the Vaucluse area as well as seamlessly integrate that information, along with photos, in their proposal.

It’s a step that they never skip.

“Be experimental”

After avidly using Proply’s proposals for over 7 months, BadgerFox has experimented with enough messages, sections, and themes to know that one size does not fit all – the same thing will resonate differently with different clients. All that testing definitely paid off because it gave them the insight to know how to stand out and win the client.

“Our tip on creating the perfect proposal is to dare to be different and not be uniform in the presentation…. It could be the difference between holding or losing the client’s attention throughout the presentation process.”

“The appointments took place in our boardroom”

BadgerFox’s pitching process did not end when the proposal is completed. Once the proposal was finalised, they invited the prospective vendor and his advisors to their Double Bay office for a presentation. Not only were they able to display their commitment to customer care, but they were also able to show off their professionalism with their tech-savvy setup.

“Proply‘s online system made it easy for us to be able to project the proposal onto our boardroom television screens and present our ideas and plans in a professional and clean way.”


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