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How to create a perfect call to action

by Proply

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Sounds familiar? A call to action, in marketing speak, is any device that encourages the audience to take action and convert. It might be a banner, a button, a graphic or a simple link. It may be as demanding as a sale, or as entertaining as simply watching a video. But whatever your call to action is, you have to get it right – or risk losing your customer.

Persuasion? It’s imperative

A call to action will typically employ imperative verbs. As a high school grammar refresher, imperative verbs instruct or command the reader to do something, usually at the top of the sentence. Buy now! Find out more! Subscribe today! This puts the ball in the customer’s court to make the choice to convert or not.

Tell me why

We trust you’ve gone over the reasons why this is a good deal for your customer in the copy. But hey, only 16% of people read web pages word by word. It’s a good idea to give them a strong reason for converting in the final call to action. Time-sensitive offers work like a charm, because it means they’ll be forced to make a snap decision rather than deferring (and ultimately forgetting). For example – “offer must end soon!”.

Context is key

In order for a call to action to work, all the touchpoints in your customer journey have to make sense. You wouldn’t start a story with the ending, and in the same way, you have to “earn” your call to action with the customer. Check out our article on how to make sure your proposals follow the customer journey.

License to create

Your customer is probably exposed to literally hundreds to call to actions every single day – such is the nature of the internet! That means they can get numbed to imperative verbs, time-sensitive offers and lashings of exclamation points. Stand out and get creative with your copy – to ameliorate the risk, you can simply run an A/B test.

Instant gratification

Finally, make sure your call to action is interactive and instant. Essentially, a button your customer can click on to make the sale/subscription/etc. Now, if we were marketing, this might be where we mention that Proply digital proposals have an instant Online accept button which sends you live notifications to get business started… or something.

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