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What makes clients accept business proposals?

by Proply

What makes clients accept business proposals? | Proply

It’s simple enough creating business proposals. The hard part is getting a client to accept it.

The good news is that anyone can create outstanding business proposals with a little practise and refinement. We made the Proply digital proposal app for that very purpose – here are six features that will help increase your business proposal acceptance rates.

1. Beautiful layout

Clients certainly judge a book by its cover when it comes to business proposals. Real talk: if it doesn’t look like you put effort into the proposal’s appearance, why should they trust your business at all? It’s time to ditch clunky documents and try sleek digital proposals. Creating your own from scratch is a time-consuming process – but digital proposal software gives you the tools and templates to make beautiful proposals in minutes.

Have a look at a sample Proply proposal here.

2. Compelling writing

Beautiful proposals may catch the eye, but there has to be good copy to back it up. Anyone can be a writer with the right techniques – check out our blog on persuasive writing to see how simple it is. Remember to write in plain English, use power words and check fastidiously for spelling and grammar mistakes.

3. Strong case studies

Case studies give your clients confidence that you are knowledgeable and experienced. So it goes without saying that you should have a bank of convincing case studies ready to feature in your business proposal. On the Proply app, you can insert case studies with a single click!

4. User-friendly technology

There’s a reason more and more brands are switching to digital proposals (and it’s not just to do with saving paper, though that’s a great reason!). Today’s clients are tech-literate and expect to do everything online. Just be sure to choose digital proposal software which is easy for both you and your client to use (and available across all devices).

5. Clear pricing

Don’t be wishy-washy with your prices – clients would rather an honest evaluation from the very outset. Include a clear price, with a breakdown of each service you are providing. And don’t forget to mention the estimated returns they would be getting from your deal!

6. Easy acceptance

Sometimes clients can be all ready to accept… and fall on the last hurdle because it’s too time-consuming or difficult. Ideally, an online Accept button gives your client the freedom to push the deal forward at their own pace – and instantly notifies you to organise the rest.

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