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Boutique Real Estate Agency incorporates new software Proply into their business

by Proply

First impressions count: How a boutique agency uses an app to stay relevant in Sydney’s busy Inner West

As the principal and licensee-in-charge at Park Properties, Melissah McCaffery operates one of the only boutique agencies in the Erskineville area, and believes that not being part of a franchise is to her advantage both in her approach to clients and how the office operates.

“Being from that independent side of the real estate game, you’re not just a number,” she explained. “We’re really into technology; we’re really very innovative. Being boutique we can incorporate new software and systems whenever we feel like it.”

The boutique feel of the agency also aligns with the modern look and customisation options available with web-based app Proply – a major drawcard when it came to trialling the new program to generate a proposal for an apartment on Mitchell Road, Erskineville.

Using Proply for the first time, the feedback from the vendor was that the online proposal was easy to use, and that the presentation was “very up with today’s standards”.

“The other proposals that [the client] had got were PDFs and emails which doesn’t surprise me,” she explained. “I’m not sure that it was the reason that I got [the listing], but when it’s one of the first points of written contact with a client, I think it would have to come into play that this is the standard of our marketing, advertising, etc”

Melissah believes that in this modern age, as well as the area she’s operating in, people are very tech savvy, and expect a proposal, appraisal or information about their property that is web based, rather than “an ugly, outdated PDF document”.

“I mean it should’ve happened probably five years ago. But it’s happening now and I think it’s going to get a great response. I’ve had a great response so far. So I look forward to continuing to work with it.”

The functionality of the platform also means that as a business owner, Melissah has peace of mind when it comes to the rest of her team creating and distributing proposals of a certain quality under the agency’s name.

“What I like with Proply is that I can get a draft email sent to me. I can read it, and I can approve it before it goes out. Even if I’m out of the office or if I’m at home, I can click on the link, read it and send it back to [the agent] and say send it out.”

“I think with the right office, if you’ve got your policies and procedures in place and you are checking [the drafts], I think there’s very little room for error.”

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Melissah McCaffery, Principal & Licensee-In-Charge at Park Properties

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