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Avoiding real estate heartbreak: How to get vendors to stay committed

by Proply

cable bouquetYou’ve done it; the vendor has accepted your real estate proposal.

But anyone who has been in a relationship knows that keeping the fire alive is where the real struggle is. Now that you’re with Proply and winning proposals is easier than ever, it’s time to focus on what matters most: getting your vendors to stay committed to you.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day (we tech geeks can get sentimental too), we’re looking at the top ways to keep your clients satisfied and prevent a devastating agent-vendor breakup:


Words, words, words

From Romeo and Juliet to pretty much any rom-com that’s ever been written, the main pitfall for couples is always poor communication. And it’s true for real estate agent-vendor relationships too.

Communicating with your client is not just about sending friendly emails, it’s also about managing expectations. As a real estate agent, vendors will be looking to you for guidance in this overwhelming and chaotic real estate world. So, set yourself up for success by being upfront and honest with what to anticipate and be prepared for.

Choose your words wisely and you won’t have to mend any broken hearts.


Walk the walk

Communication is important but talk is cheap.

Prove that you’re a catch in the real estate business (we know you are!), by ensuring you’ve done all that you can to help sell your vendors’ home at the right price. Are you using the latest marketing tricks? Could you be taking better photographs? Have you considered services like property styling?

Leave no stone unturned and your clients will notice the extra effort.


TLC is about time

Forget flowers and chocolates. Sometimes the best way to romance someone is by simply being there for them.

This is particularly true when market conditions are tough. We all know that selling a home can involve a lot of complex emotions and tensions can run high. So, take the time to give your vendors attention and a lending ear.

It will show your clients that your relationship isn’t just a transaction to you; you’re a team.


As we said, it’s not always easy keeping agent-vendor relationships going strong, and truly, it all comes down to having the time and resources to dedicate to your clients. Make sure you’re being efficient by getting the proposal jobs done quickly and easily.

Do that and more with Proply’s advanced features. We’ve got a 30-day free trial and you don’t need to input any credit card when you register.

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