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7 copywriting secrets to make your real estate proposal shine

by Proply

techWant to get better results out of your real estate proposals? (Who doesn’t?)

A stylish format, stunning images and interactive features are all important – and provided with the Proply digital real estate proposal app. But even in 2019, content is still king. Your copy needs to be faultlessly persuasive, especially when it comes to swaying a decision as major as selling a property. To help, we’ve put together a crash course – here are seven copywriting tips that will take you to the next level.


  1. Writing by numbers

Your biggest selling point isn’t your words, it’s your numbers. Figures are tangible, concrete and (hopefully) impressive. That’s why all levels of Proply membership have the option of inputting data straight from Domain Pricefinder, making it easier than ever to win over potential clients with a persuasive price of a similar property in their area.


  1. In plain English

An inexperienced writer will often load their language with flowery adjectives and adverbs. The effect is overblown and not very convincing (you shouldn’t need every second word in the dictionary to make what you’re selling exciting). Instead, keep to simple language you’d use in everyday life, with short, direct sentences and sparing use of superlatives.


  1. Talk to a friend

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that in order to take them seriously, they need to sound super serious. That just leads to boring, dry and lifeless copy. An effective guideline is to imagine you are talking to a friend – keep it friendly and warm, explaining concepts simply (but never patronising). Especially if you are pitching a real estate proposal, your voice needs to be one they can trust.


  1. Less is more

We’re all short on time… so can we speed this up a bit? Don’t feel you have to write for miles to get your point across. If you have a lot you need to share, try the inverted pyramid structure – order your information from most to least important.


  1. Use power words

You really want to trigger an emotional response in your reader – stir something up inside to make them want to take action and convert. Power words are a handy trick of the trade because they are automatically persuasive. Simply think about what evokes an emotional response, such as urgency (“instantly”, immediate”), curiosity (“unique”, “special”) or safety (“guaranteed”, “secure”).


  1. Read out loud

It happens to the best of us – sometimes spelling and grammar errors slip through the tightest of safety nets. But it’s not a very professional look. A great copywriting tip is to read your sentences out aloud so you can spot any missing words or clunky phrasing. Made a mistake? Unlike a traditional proposal, you can edit content straight from the Proply platform and it will update live – no need to send another copy.


  1. Be solution-led

Remember: the most important thing is your audience. What do they need? How can you provide a solution? If you ask that question every time you write a real estate proposal, it will come naturally!

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