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5 ways to implement automation in your business

by Proply

Proply - 5 ways to implement automation

Automation is one of those industry buzzwords you’ve probably heard rumbling around for a while now.

And while we’ve spoken a lot about the power of automation and why it’s so important when it comes to business – if you’re still a little unsure as to how to start implementing automation in your business, this one’s for you…


Do your research
Or better yet, task your team to do the research for you. There are countless automation and workflow tools you could explore, but the key is to ensure you find the right one for your business needs. Test and trial a number of workflow tools and processes to determine which are best suited to your business and your company requirements.


Find a ready-made solution
Is there an ‘off the shelf’ solution that could solve your automation needs? Instead of custom building a process, program or workflow, see if you can find one that’s ready to go! Finding an ‘off the shelf’ solution will save you time, money and resources – meaning you can redirect your attention and focus elsewhere. With Proply, for example, we’ve automated the process of creating real estate proposals – so you don’t have to!


Understand the ‘why’
It won’t make sense to automate every manual process in your business, so make sure you understand why you’re trying to automate something, before diving in headfirst. Sure, there are certainly admin-related processes which are open to human error that could be well-suited to automation, but there’s no need to rush – embrace automation slowly and prioritise by determining the processes that would have the greatest (positive!) impact on your business if you automated them.


Document everything
Remember that time you started a new job and the person before you left three bullet points on a post-it note and expected you to nail the job? While that may be an exaggeration, the truth is that all of us can have a tendency to overestimate the amount of information we can take in and obtain when we’re learning something new. That’s why, with every new process you automate, it’s important to document every single step. When documenting processes, the ideal scenario is that someone who has no idea of the job or the requirements could pick up your ‘how to’ doc and execute the process seamlessly.


Don’t be afraid to pivot
Sometimes, you’ll find that a process you’ve automated and implemented works in the short-term, but not forever. As your business grows and expands, you may find that your needs change, too. The key here is not to resist change, but embrace it. Update your processes, implement new tools and pivot!


Now that you’re ready to embrace automation…
Why not give Proply a go and automate your proposals? Proply is free to try – you don’t even need a credit card to sign up. If you’d like to know more about Proply real estate proposals, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at info@

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